Dario Haro & his son have been good to me and I make the best of everything. For example, although the customer service at the nursery is limited & hit or miss, this gives rise to the opportunity of better prices and getting the plants yourself. Perhaps learning a bit every time you go out their. Also, whenever I asked for certain plants and gave them a call before hand, they are good at providing good customer service by personally coming to the nursery to confirm the stock order or what or what isn’t in stock. By quickly becoming callus, one is not open to the realm of opportunities: for example, the prices are one of the greatest in the Inland empire, and if you make a phone call you get to talk to Haro’s son who carries the legacy for the business and knows his stuff. Also he at times comes to the nursery to confirm what you buy and what is in stock. So, in essence, by having some patience, or due diligence you can see the grand opportunities & opportunity costs above the other competitors in the area. His nursery is competitive for what they offer. Once again, if you do some due diligence you can save yourself lots of time and money here. Roll out your own red carpet when you come by being persistent and taking advantage of the opportunities.

Nick. L 1/15/18